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Grupo Unción is a Christian band from Boston, MA that preaches a message of hope and redemption through their songs throughout Latin America. They have composed many songs and recorded multiple music albums. Their desire is to inspire the younger generations to live their lives to the fullest knowing Jesus Christ, the only way, the truth and the life.

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It's About Jesus

"Se Trata de Ti" is a musical album with 12 songs with varied genres and musical style. This album reminds us that only God deserves all the glory and honor, that the salvation of our soul is the greatest gift in life and preaching the gospel is a duty that every believer has to fulfill.

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G R U P O  U N C I O N  M U S I C


Julio José Valdés, leader of Grupo Unción, was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. At the age of four he received a prophetic word from God who promised to use him through music to spread the message of salvation throughout the world. Julio Jose is a singer-songwriter, composer, producer and musician capable of playing various instruments. He is the founder and president of True Worship Ministry Inc.  A ministry that has a recording studio, a prestigious Christian music school and a Christian band. Julio Jose and Grupo Uncion travel preaching, singing and ministering in many local and international events. Julio José and his wife Diana have four beautiful children whom they instruct day by day in the ways and fear of God. Joy Marie, Hope Juliana,  Nathanael Josiah,  and Olivia Faith who also worship God with their voices singing praises.

"In my case, music is the gift that God gave me to discover the beauty and fullness of life."

                                                           - Julio Jose

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